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10 Social Media Networking Mistakes

1. Excessive Self Promotion

One big mistake that many people make is using social media sites as sales ads rather than social networking. Whether you are using social media for personal or business purposes, this is not your chance to advertise in every group or the inboxes of all of your friends. People are on social media sites to socialize, not to be bombarded with your promotional post.

2. Posting Inappropriate or Explicit Comments

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Comments on posts are publicly visible, and while your reputation is at risk by posting inappropriate comments on another’s post, the reputation of the other person is also at stake. So be mindful of your words and respectful of others when commenting on another’s post.

3. Quantity over Quality

The quantity of your post does not depict your popularity. People are more apt to like you if you post quality and thoughtful content. Quality posts may also prompt readers to share your post and begin in-depth conversations.

4. Being Un-reactive

You have to be reactive. Writing post and status updates without liking or replying to other peoples post is not acceptable. Networking requires that you interact with others, so spend some time reading others post and participating in group chats and discussions.

5. Poor Grammar

Proof read messages and post for grammatical errors. A good post can quickly become a laughing stock due to poor spelling and grammar. These errors can steer the conversation and comments away from the actual subject.

6. Meaningless Post

People are quick to write you off when they realize that your post have no substance or meaning. Take the time to think about what you post and make it worth my while to read it. Remember, the un-follow button is only a click away.

7. Begging for Likes

Asking friends to like your post makes you look desperate. No one wants to be told what they are supposed to like. It’s like getting dressed up and asking your friends to tell you that you look good despite what they actually think. Let people make up their own mind.

8. Sharing Spam

Most people hate telemarketers and door-to-door solicitation, so it’s safe to say that we don’t want to endure the same nuisances on our social media pages. Sharing and spreading spam in hopes of winning some contest or prize makes you come off as a salesman and in return people will tend to have distrust in you and your brand.

9. Phobia of Posting

While it is beneficial to think about what you post, it is even worse not to post anything at all. It is easy to be forgotten in a pool of a thousand friends if you are never posting. You will become unrecognizable and invisible so don’t be afraid to get out there and post.

10. Writing Novels

While people like to read something of substance, they don’t want to spend hours reading a post long enough to constitute a full length novel. Keep your thoughts short but still meaningful. Overdoing it will bore people of your post, and you.